GS Themes is a marketplace for Get Simple CMS theme development as well as other Get Simple CMS themes and plugin developers. With popular websites like Theme Forest, none of them allow you to sell your Get Simple CMS development. GS Themes is the online marketplace that allows you to sell your own premium Get Simple CMS themes and plugins just like Theme Forest or Mojo Themes. As developers we don’t  want to hand over our hard work for free, especially when we spend countless of hours or even days developing and designing. Where’s the reward in giving away your hard work for free?

    Start selling your design and development here at GSThemes.com. As an author in the marketplace you have a reason to design and develop premium themes and plugins, to make money and help others. Authors can sell themes, plugins and other packages that will help assist buyers and other devs with their projects.  Authors that contribute frequently will be rewarded and will have the opportunity to help grow Simple CMS and expand product/tool availability to the community.

    Author information and requirements for approval.

    Each author that joins the GS Themes Marketplace must be approved.  All authors must be able to provide clean code that is easy to follow and detailed instructions with each submission.  All authors are required to provide their own live demos, screen shots and any other information that may be useful for the buyer. When submitting your packages, you must provide everything in .zip and cannot include and copyright protected images. All copyrighted material is not required in live demos, only when demo are being hosted within GSThemes servers. As marketplace holders, we do not claim ownership of user submitted entries and are not responsible for authors that miss use any copyrighted material. GS Themes is a promotional marketplace that helps developers and designers sell their creatives. If an author violates GSThemes terms, we reserve the right to terminate an authors account without notice. Duplication of another authors work will get you banned for life,  no exceptions.

    Terms changes and author requirements can and will change at anytime.